Victory against Tacos in Practice Battle

Hello troops!

Today, we had a rough start, a few higher-ranked troops quit, for the Tacos. Note to those troops: They won’t be allowed back in DCP, unless they want a sexy rank which I call Private. Anyways, we did pretty well, we went from around 9 on chat to 16+, out of nowhere. 

If you didn’t show up to this battle, your rank is at risk.

My message to the Tacos:

We will be soon invading your “beloved” capital, whatever that is, following the rest of your nation, I advise you to recruit more. 😀

So, that also means for us to recruit more often. BE ON CHAT MORE, YOU KNOW THE NEW CHAT RULE, AND RANKING SYSTEM. 

Bye for now,


5 Responses

  1. 1st and on every pic except chat I lost connection D:

  2. Yea buddy I wentt. Wwe you should promote the people who went *wary*

  3. I told you guys I couldn’t come

  4. Sexy rank that i call Private XD

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