A bit more changes.

Hello troops,

This post contains many topics, mainly because of the new top 10 system.

First off, while the new top 10 came out today, it says that we are currently 8th. This MUST change, this instant. We have to be more active, on chat more than anything. So, due to the recent low chat sizes, we will have a few changes on that:

If you do NOT visit DCP chat 4 days out of the 7 days in a week, for atleast 45mins-1hour each time your on, you will be demoted..  and keep getting demoted until active again.

Remember, if we get 25 or more at the event tomorrow, I will give out 1 or 2 unused 1 month club penguin membership code(s),  so don’t miss it! 

Also, please welcome my 8 year old brother, who has started club penguin armies using my other brothers old penguin, Hulk Hogan28. You can see him on chat as Nick. I will begin training him to become the new me, for the future of the DCP, with that.. he can keep DCP rise without dieing, once I retire and I feel as if he’s ready for taking over my spot.

>> DCP CHAT <<

Bye for now,


2 Responses

  1. I come on 7 days a week but for not 45mins-1hour? Will I be getting demoted?

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