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The Crunch Times: Third Edition

Hello Doritos! Welcome to the third edition of The Crunch Times! As we continue on our gaming journey, we bring you a fresh summary of last week’s activities, alongside a new Troop of the Week, mental health help, puzzles, art, and more!

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The Crunch Times: New Beginnings

Hello all! Welcome to the second edition of The Crunch Times! We’ll be talking about the new gaming adventure that occurred this week alongside more mental health tips, puzzles, art work, and we’ll be crowning a new Troop of the Week!

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Minecraft server

Hey Doritos! Today we will talk about our renewed Minecraft server that will come out real soon. Some of our great staff have worked hard and came up with creative statues and buildings that make the town look great.

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DCP as a Dating Server

Hello Doritos! In today’s post we will be talking about a topic slightly different from the one in the previous post. Something that some people may find funny, however others may find this topic quite boring or even disturbing for themselves to read about but feel free to stay and read it until the end for some laughter if you want to!

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To 10000

Hey Doritos!

Today, we reached the milestone of having 10,000 people in the Doritos Discord. Honestly, the way we did this is incredibly astonishing. We came back in November with a Discord of just 4,500 people. Only a little over 2 months later, we welcomed 5,500+ people into our family. Truly unprecedented. You guys are amazing, together we’re growing more and more each day. Seeing people make lifelong friends here is what keeps this army/community going. Here’s a lookback at these past few months!

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The Crunch Times: Gaming Fun

Hello DCP readers! The first edition (this one) of The Crunch Times is now complete! Each week a newspaper just like this will come out. This newspaper will feature several exciting things to wrap up the week, such as; event recaps, puzzle, and Troop of the Week announcements! Keep up with Doritos Gaming through this newspaper.

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Meet the HCOM of DCP: Chandler

Being part of HCOM means that you have to be really active in some way. Whether it’s through helping other staff, lurking to make sure nothing goes wrong, or just talking, you have to be active in some way. No one shows this better than Chandler.

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Meet the HCOM of DCP: Candy

Among our HCOM, there has not been a more vigilant and attentive onlooker and worker than Candy. Her hard work has never gone unnoticed, and it unquestionably goes without saying that she is loyal and committed.

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A Collection of DCP Memories

Everyday in our army memories are made that will remain with us. We all have so many memories of our own, things that make us happy when we look back on, and that remind us of all the good times with friends. So what are some of our members favorite memories of their time in the Doritos?

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New Year, New DCP

Hello Doritos!

As we head into the new year, we got some fun incentives and plans to implement in the army that we would like to share with you. We hope these additions will provide some fun and hopefully brings us closer as a family. Without further ado, let’s introduce what we have planned for the new year!

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